I'm having some success with the "Pile Don't File" system for keeping my desk clean. All of my paperwork is neatly piled in a cabinet and indexed in my "Pile Don't File" journal. I've set out a small mail sorter for bills and such that need to be taken care of. I'm appalled to realize that I owe over $300 to the hospital. I've only been in for lab work! Of course, if I had been keeping track of my paperwork all along, I would have known this a long time ago. But any paper work that wasn't on my desk and didn't come in the mail in the last two days is strewn all over my car. Literally--you can't find the front passenger seat or even the floor well in front of the passenger seat for the mix of fast food cups, important papers, crap like flyers, empty Amazon boxes, and etc. And the back seat of the car is just about as bad. About once every six months I take a trash bag and a laundry basket out, sort everything into trash or take in the house, then bring the laundry basket in and forget to sort and handle the stuff in there.<p>

I am truly a bad house elf. Other than my desk, the rest of the house has an annoying amount of clutter going on. But I am somewhat inspired at this point by the fact that the cable-man is coming on Tuesday to set up my cable package. He probably won't have to come in, but just in case, I'm going to give the house a quick going-over: gather trash and take it out; put laundry in baskets; sweep and maybe even mop the floors; and clean out the litter boxes. Just enough so he won't vomit and or have to go into therapy if he does come in.<p>

Also, is anyone else having trouble with gnats? I'm actually learning to wash my dishes more frequently and rinse out cans before I trash them because the gnats are so bad. What'dya want to bet they're having a heyday in the litter boxes. Yuch!

OK, I'm off to try to do some of this instead of just blogging about it. Progress report later!