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bad_house_elf's Journal

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I am a long-time divorced, full-time working, childless woman with way to many cats. And bipolar (the soft version). I am somewhat cute, but way too eccentric! And I'm a little more than 50 years old, but feel more like mid-20's. I want to be perfect, and often get stymied by that desire; and that's what brings us to this blog: How can I find a middle ground between visualizing my house as a perfectly polished HGTV accomplishment and surrounding myself with dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty litterboxes, and all the other detritus required to keep me from realizing or caring how dirty the house is. BTW, I just re-learned a word. I thought the word was detrius (pronounced dee-tree-us). It turns out to be detritus (pronounced dee-tr-long i-tus). Much more interesting than house cleaning.
On to blogging then.